Sunday, November 15, 2009

Compatiblity and Lite version updates.

I've recieved alot of feedback asking for a version that is compatible with iPhoneOS 3.0, not 3.1 as it is at present; those of you who've emailed me will be happy to know that an update supporting this is on it's way through the review process as I type.
I must apologise for making you guys wait; I didn't realise that the 3.1 update was a paid update, and since I am an early adopter myself, figured that using the latest OS version would be the best course of action. Lesson learned!

Along those lines, the Lite version has been approved, and is now available on the app store here. Now you won't have to take any risks to find out that Annihilation Undead is awesome, and worth of your money.

It seems like the popular vote is in favor of Vomit Pig at this point too. Those of you who are fans of LazerPig, or OtherPig, don't stay quiet! Let your voice be heard, lest these pigs be forever destined to hurl their guts up onto the rotting masses.

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