Monday, January 25, 2010

Chapter 2 is out!

After a lot of optimizing, hair-pulling, and quite a bit of slacking off too, Chapter 2 has finally made it's way through the app store's approval process, and should be hitting an iPhone near you shortly.

There are two new game modes to play with, and a new weapon too, so here's the lowdown on all the new stuff:

Scavenge mode, one of the new modes, is alot like survival. The difference is in how weapons are collected - instead of being granted them in sequence, certain enemies will drop weapon collectibles.

The second new mode, Frenzy, presents the player with a series of timed challenges. Hack up mutants with a chainsaw, or hunt for pigs with a shotgun - there's enough there to keep things fresh, and as always, there are new online leaderboards for both modes.

To compliment this update, I've included one of my favourite weapons that I hadn't had time to finish before the first release, the Laser Rifle. An instant hitscan weapon, it's great for slicing off undead limbs.

In addition to these changes, there are now collectibles that appear out of dead enemies. Star Chips will add to a player's score, and Health Chips give a small amount of health back. Thanks to these shiny trinkets, you can now stay alive longer, and push your scores even higher!

Next update: another map, and a few more weapons.

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